The Holy Kindle



It’s always surprised me just how much I love my Kindle. I have what I think is described as ‘issues’ when it comes to collecting print books — as in, I can’t stop — and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy reading on the Kindle. The thing is, though, I’ve come to see it not as a replacement for print books but rather just another medium for getting a story — like audiobooks, I suppose — and I’ll take a good story wherever I can find it.

My favourite thing about the Kindle is the level of privacy or secrecy in what you’re reading. That’s not so much because I give a toss if anyone judges me — I constantly judge people based on their reading habits, so I’m fine with being judged in return — but more because I’m quite (very) anti-social, especially on public transport, and I absolutely don’t want to give anyone an ‘in’ to talk to me.

I mean, I’m not quite sure what part of them thinks that’s okay anyway — OH HI! You don’t know me, but I just wanted to acknowledge the fact you’re currently reading a book I, myself, read thirteen years ago — actually preventing you reading it by talking to you about the contents of The Book I Won’t Let You Read for the duration of this journey and spoiling all the good bits. That guy dies in four pages. Dysentery. Continue reading


A Sudden Light – Garth Stein


It’s easy to say you’ll write a review, isn’t it? It’s easy to say it and be sent an advanced review copy of a book then actually read that book. But getting off your backside—a backside whose vastness is exacerbated by a frankly obscene diet of peppermint creams and Maoam Pinballs—and writing the review is quite another matter.

Especially when you have lots of very important things to do.

Especially when you are lazy-so-very-lazy.

But I promised a review, so a review I shall write…

It’s hard not to be excited at the prospect of a new novel by someone whose previous books have titles like The Art of Racing in the Rain and Raven Stole the Moon. Especially when the new novel is a supernatural coming-of-age story and, therefore, bang up my street.

It’s also hard not to be excited by a book with this cover:

A Sudden Light Cover

So, Garth Stein’s A Sudden Light was, all things considered, right excitin’. Continue reading