Oh, shit! Proofs have arrived


Imagine if I’d decided to forgo the exclamation mark in this post’s title. That would have been stupid wouldn’t it? Heh heh. That would have said—heh heh—that would have made it look like—heh—like the proofs were— okay, yes that’s precisely what I did, but the point is that I caught it and I fixed it. Now, let’s forget about this whole mess and move on.

Following on from this post here where I told you what my book was about, and this post here which, among other things, showed that I’ve completely ignored the blurb I went for in the former post, I now present to you: this post that you’re reading now where I excitedly show you images of the proofs that arrived this morning.

and so on

Well, that was fun. Anyway, the book will be out in print and ebook pretty soon and I’ll probably be kicking off something or other involving giving away some copies of the print version later this week. In the meantime, feel free to sign up to this thing here if you want to receive an email notification when the book is released. (No spam, ever. Promise.)


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