You want buy book, yes?


So. You can buy my book, now. Y’know, if you want to. You might not want to, and that’s okay. I mean, the print version is very pretty and would just about arrive before Christmas if you wanted to buy it for someone. You might not want to, of course. I’m just saying, it would be the best gift anyone received from you this year. Much better than the pasta strainer you were thinking of. (I mean, really? What were you THINKING?)

Anyway, it’s available from a number of places, your best candidate perhaps being Amazon, who will deliver you the print version in time for Christmas or the ebook.

It’s also available on Nook, Kobo, and iTunes and probably some other retailers that I’ve forgotten.

Oh, and for those of you who have Kindles but have come to resent buying things from Amazon, I’m recommending an independent online retailer called Libiro, run by a nice British fellow named Ben Galley. You can find the book HERE.

In other news, I’ll be announcing a giveaway soon. The plan is to give away some signed (gasp) copies of the book. More on that to follow.



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