Who loves the free stuff? Everyone loves the free stuff. Nobody hates the free stuff.


‘cos everyone loves the free stuff!

Did I mention I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads?

Oh, I did?

Well – whatever – I’m gunna tell you again, here. So what it is, is – yeah – what it is, is you just go on over to Goodreads, HERE, and click ‘Enter to Win’, and you’ll be in with a shout at winning one of three – count ’em – signed (collective gasp) copies of Monsters of Elsewhere.

Then various happenings will happen and various algorithms will algorith and when January 19 comes around someone will win, thus stinging me with an almost-certainly extortionate postage bill to send three copies of an 18-kilogram (exaggeration) book to Australia, where all three winners will almost certainly reside.


P.S. This blog title was an homage to one of my favourite Weebls Stuff videos, in honour of the fact that Creme Eggs are now back in every fucking shop in the UK. I’m talking butchers, tailors, fabric shops, fruiterers…


3 thoughts on “Who loves the free stuff? Everyone loves the free stuff. Nobody hates the free stuff.

  1. Australia? No – I’m not there…I’m in South Africa. Tried to enter the giveaway (hey, why not, right? Plus I saw 599 pages, and got sort of excited – love Big Print Books) but Goodreads tells me “country code is not one of the countries allowed for this giveaway”. I swear you’d pay a (slightly) less extortionate postage fee to here than Australia! Ah, well – best of luck with the launch anyway! I can’t promise I’d ever read it on Kindle-for-PC, because I hate reading that way, but if I ever see it on a store shelf, I’ll give it a go.

    • Yeah, it’s really crappy, isn’t it? One of the limitations of doing the giveaway via Goodreads – I selected all the regions they offer, but sadly South Africa isn’t one of them. I’ve had probably half a dozen people from South Africa mention this fact to me in the last couple of weeks, so I’m going to have to give some thought to it. I don’t like excluding people from things like this.

      I think once the GR giveaway is done, I’ll do something similar through my site, here or on Twitter. I’ll keep you posted.

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