Hugo me, chums.





Well, the Hugo Awards are happening. Again. Just like they have for the last sixty years. That’s exciting. Isn’t it? Yes? No? Don’t care?


Well, anyway, here’s the thing, right. This is the thing. The thing is, the nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards are up and running, and will continue with upping and running until 10 March. And – guess what. No guess. Okay, I’ll tell you – Monsters of Elsewhere is eligible.

Of course, being eligible doesn’t really mean all that much. Not unless I can convince people that they should nominate it.

How do we nominate it, Matt?

Hey, pipe down, I’m getting to that.

Here’s how it works. If you have Hugo voting rights – by virtue of having had a supporting membership in the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) for 2014, 2015, or 2016 – then you can submit your nominations through this online ballot HERE RIGHT HERE.

From what I can gather, Monsters of Elsewhere is eligible for Best Novel and I’m eligible for the John W. Campbell New Writer award.

So, if you’re a voting member, I’d quite like to convince you that you should nominate Monsters of Elsewhere (or me). Here’s how that works – I will give it to you for free. (*Knee Cymbals*) The only caveat is that you need to be a voting member. No other strings. You don’t have to promise to nominate the book or anything like that – you might read it and hate it. You might like it but hate me. You might like it and like me but like other books and other authors more. The possibilities are— well they’re not endless, but there are a few of them.

If you’re planning and eligible to vote, and you fancy taking a look at Monsters of Elsewhere to see if it’s worthy of your nomination, then simply send me an email containing some proof of your Worldcon membership (i.e. your name is listed on Worldcon’s website as an attending member, or email confirmation… something like that) and the eBook format (Mobi, EPUB, or PDF) you’d like, and I’ll send it over.



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