Monsters of Elsewhere


Book 5.06x7.81"There is a land – let’s call it Elsewhere – that is in no small amount of trouble. Giant wolves are tearing villages apart, a monster king is bringing his army across the sea to capture the legendary Hall of Glass, and the High Lord has completely disappeared.

Henry Whistler was eight when he got lost at a bus station in Hounslow. There his adventure began. For that was when he met the exiled invisible man, the monster swordsman, and the girl with the bright red hair.

Now a grown-up, Henry’s childhood adventure is a faded memory… until his fiancée vanishes. Until he is drawn into another world. Until he is pursued by a blind assassin – with only a monster and a dead man for company – across a land that is in no small amount of trouble.

Hello, please may I read an excerpt of your book?

GET OUT OF HERE, YOU FREELOADING JACKA— I mean, of course you can, duck. Here you go: Excerpt Yourself Silly

Thank you. Please may I buy your book?

Yes, but only because I think you’re so frightfully nice. Here are some links:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Google Play
Kobo Store
Libiro (independent eBook retailer)

Has anyone said anything about your book?

Take a dollop of Pratchett, a pinch of Gaiman, mix with two parts Eddings and Gemmell and then throw in the modern sensibilities of today’s fantasy writers and the result is Matthew Waldram.
Fiction Garden

A grand imagination on display in this highly impressive debut novel. Heroic fantasy with a twist.
– Andrew Barker, author of The Electric

Was only vaguely interested in your book, but then I read your interview with Tim Minchin and I loved it.
– Croyd_The_Sleeper, a Redditor

I found a typo in Chapter Three.
– Matthew Waldram’s mum. (Typo claim currently in dispute.)


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