You want buy book, yes?


So. You can buy my book, now. Y’know, if you want to. You might not want to, and that’s okay. I mean, the print version is very pretty and would just about arrive before Christmas if you wanted to buy it for someone. You might not want to, of course. I’m just saying, it would be the best gift anyone received from you this year. Much better than the pasta strainer you were thinking of. (I mean, really? What were you THINKING?)

Anyway, it’s available from a number of places, your best candidate perhaps being Amazon, who will deliver you the print version in time for Christmas or the ebook. Continue reading


My debut book


Most people that know me are aware that I’m in the process of writing a book. I’ve completed the first couple of drafts and it’s currently with beta readers who will tell me all of the many, many places where I’ve gone wrong.

I’ve been thinking of it as my debut book, but I recently realised that there is actually already a book on my shelf bearing the text ‘by Matthew Waldram’. Truth be told, I had completely forgotten about it until recently and now I present it to you in all its finely illustrated glory. Continue reading