Broadening my fantasy horizons


I’m mindful that I’ve done a lot of talking about my book just lately, so I thought I should maybe talk about something else. It gets a bit tiresome saying, “Hello, buy my book,” and “Did you know my book is available here,” and “Hey, my book got a review,” and “Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear your pig passed away, did you buy my book yet or—?”

So, instead of all that, I thought I might do a post suggesting you buy books other than mine. Continue reading


The City — Stella Gemmell


Gemmell,Stella_TheCityStella Gemmell’s The City is a strange book. It’s difficult to say why it’s strange without going into spoiler territory, but suffice to say that it is strange but the strangeness is a good thing — you never quite understand exactly what the book’s about until you get to the end, and that’s what keeps you reading.

On the face of it, the plot is simple enough. There’s an ancient city — only ever referred to as ‘The City’, even in dialogue — that has been at war with its many enemies, collectively known as ‘The Blues’, for years. The City has started to fall into ruin and its enemies have devised a plot to take down the emperor, Araeon ‘The Immortal’.

The plot involves a huge cast of characters, with suitably Heroic Fantasy genre names like Bartellus, Fell Aron Lee, Marcellus Vincerus, Indaro, and Archange. Some characters even take second names, just in case the existing cast wasn’t comprehensive enough for you, and some even take second, and third, bodies (dum dum dummmmmm). Continue reading