Oh, shit! Proofs have arrived


Imagine if I’d decided to forgo the exclamation mark in this post’s title. That would have been stupid wouldn’t it? Heh heh. That would have said—heh heh—that would have made it look like—heh—like the proofs were— okay, yes that’s precisely what I did, but the point is that I caught it and I fixed it. Now, let’s forget about this whole mess and move on. Continue reading

Monsters of Elsewhere – wassat all abaht, den?


Seeing as I recently sent the latest-edited draft of Monsters of Elsewhere off to be proofread, I thought I might actually put up some information on what the bloody book is about. To that end, I’ve had a go at writing one of those things. You know… the things. The things publishers put on the back of books. The not-quite-synopses that some people call blurbs but for which I’m not convinced that is the right word. I always thought a blurb was what authors write about other authors’ books when they like them… or when they’re mates with said authors, just met them at a conference and were bought a beer, or share a publisher.

Book covers often have EXCITING CAPITALISED WORDS from author blurbs spaffed all over them, making it impossible to actually see the cover beyond—

“DELICIOUS” – Terry Hambone

“GAMECHANGING” – Stephanie Pensquiggle