Ey up, it’s me book, duck


“What’s happening with the book, Matt?” no one asked.

Well, I’ll tell you, no one. It’s shittingly close to being ready now. So shittingly close, in fact, that I’m just waiting for the paperback proofs to arrive so I can give them what I hope will be one final review before I make them available to people’s bookshelves, kindles, iPads, phones, Nooks, crannies (that isn’t one), and whatever else people use to read stuff on these days. Continue reading


I did more than just get hideously fat this Easter


Not being a religious fellow, the only impact that Easter usually has on my life is that I eat more chocolate than normal. I’m already something of a liability when it comes to moderating my sweets-and-chocolate intake, but put chocolate eggs in front of me and I’ll go all hummingbird on you — eating up to three times my own weight in Cadbury every single day. Unlike hummingbirds, however, I am neither delightful nor possessed of a metabolism capable of handling that sort of food consumption.

Easter is something of a lardy, bloated period of any given year for me, and it usually concludes with me looking like a melting walrus.
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My debut book


Most people that know me are aware that I’m in the process of writing a book. I’ve completed the first couple of drafts and it’s currently with beta readers who will tell me all of the many, many places where I’ve gone wrong.

I’ve been thinking of it as my debut book, but I recently realised that there is actually already a book on my shelf bearing the text ‘by Matthew Waldram’. Truth be told, I had completely forgotten about it until recently and now I present it to you in all its finely illustrated glory. Continue reading